What are the main car rental conditions in Morocco?

The main car rental conditions

As a rental agency customer (location voiture Casablanca) and driver of the car named in the contract, you generally need to:

  • Be over 21 years of age: however, not all rental companies apply the same age conditions. Check with your agency because some rental companies require that the customer be at least 25 years old.
  • Have a driving license valid for more than a year and corresponding to the vehicle you wish to rent:
    Loss reports, theft reports, “blank” permits and permits with limited validity are not accepted.
  • An international permit must be accompanied by the national permit to be accepted.
  • Present documents proving your identity and your domicile (identity card, proof of income sometimes). These supporting documents must be original and must be less than two months old
  • Have a means of payment in your name. As a general rule, the person who takes a rental must be the one who pays.

Documents to provide to fulfill the car rental conditions

In general, the rental company will ask you to present:

  • An identity card ;
  • a driving license ;
  • proof of address ;
  • the confirmation document: a confirmation email in the event of a reservation on the Internet or by telephone;
  • the bank card or other payment method denominated in the identity of the driver, in order to simplify administrative procedures.

In addition, on a financial level you will have to do:

  • a security deposit: intended to cover damage that may occur during the rental and any additional invoicing;
  • a rental advance: to guarantee the rental payment.
    Upon return of the vehicle, the final amount of your rental will be established. This will take into account:

Upon return of the vehicle, the final amount of your rental will be established. This will take into account:

  • different elements contained in the contract;
  • possible overruns:
  • possible extension of the rental;
  • miscellaneous supplements: accessories and other services;
  • service charge for fuel if you do not refuel yourself, etc.

Specific conditions of a car rental

The additional driver

It is quite possible to have several drivers for the same vehicle, but certain conditions must be met:

  • You must specify this when picking up the vehicle.
  • The additional driver must be there at the time and present the original of his driver’s license and an identity document.
  • The supplement must be paid on site.
  • The additional driver therefore corresponds to the “additional driver” option which it is preferable to take out, because in the event of a problem you would not be covered by insurance.

Refusal cases

More and more rental car companies are checking the driver’s background before accepting a potential customer, as soon as you get to the counter!

Some reject customers who do not meet standards, or charge a surcharge.
Even if you have a confirmed reservation, you may be refused this car rental.

7 Tips to follow to rent a car in Morocco!

Today, renting a car anywhere in the world is almost a necessity. For this, it is good to know certain details that must be taken into account when renting a car.

Tips for renting a car

1. Take your time

Before renting a car, you should find out about the options offered by several companies and compare them with the needs you have. Contact the Morocco car rental agency of your choice when you have set your budget and verify that everything is correct.

2. Essence

Rental companies have different fuel policies, that is, the levels with which you receive and return the gas tank when you finish the rental. Keep this in mind when comparing the different offers.

3. Documents

Make sure your driver’s license and identity documents are in effect (they haven’t expired) and learn more about the need to pay by debit card or other business requirements (such as your age).

4. Extra

Car rental companies usually offer you additional extras such as GPS or a larger vehicle than what you are asking for. Sometimes you can win, especially if it’s the low season. But be clear at all times what you should not exceed your budget.

5. Insurance

full risk insurance. Because you never know what can happen, and less when you are driving in an environment that is not yours, it is advisable to take out risk car insurance.

Warning !

Be careful because if a loss occurs and the name of the driver of the car is not mentioned in the contract, the insurance will be canceled. Most rental companies offer the option of adding an additional driver for a little more.

In all cases, before taking out the insurance, determine what the coverages are and whether or not it is a deductible insurance (if it is franchised, the insurance will surely be cheaper but you will have to assume a part costs in the event of loss or theft).

6. Read the contract carefully

Before signing the car rental agreement, read the agreement and ask without fear any points that you do not understand.

7. Check

Before starting the car, make sure you have left it as specified in the contract. If you notice unexpected bumps or scrapes, immediately notify the rental company.

Car rental in Morocco: beware of these 7 scams even on vacation!

Car rental in Casablanca, Marrakech or anywhere else in the kingdom is often a very practical solution for those who come to spend only a few days in Morocco. And if the regulations concerning car rental become more and more firm and strict in Morocco, know that it is still very easy to rent a car. Beware, however, of some local agencies that are only highly recommendable for their rental practices … Here are the 7 things to know absolutely to rent your car in Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir where anywhere or in the rest of the kingdom! These advices should enable you to prepare as much as possible your stay and your hiring in Morocco before even your departure in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, and for those which wish a share of adventure, believe me that in Morocco even having everything organized 100%, well you will always have a bit of surprise, but rest assured, we are used to it and we solve everything with a smile!

Get the best rental price online

The price of a car rental varies a lot depending on where you collect the vehicle, your dates (high or low seasons) and your needs (number of drivers, baby seat, additional options …). Of course the more you book in advance the less you will pay, but I go more and more directly online for my rentals and that of my friends. To avoid spending hours comparing car rental deals, the solution I sometimes use is to go directly through a car rental price comparison. Just like the flight or hotel comparators that allow you to find the cheapest plane tickets or hotels, there is also a car rental comparator: location voiture Marrakech.

There are many advantages to using a comparator:

Save time by simultaneously comparing the prices of the largest agencies such as: Europcar, Hertz, Avis and more than 200 other agencies. These agencies all speak fluent French, Arabic and even English and have, in addition to their experience, a solid fleet of vehicles and very strict specifications to meet as an international agency.
The prices are guaranteed to be the lowest, because the comparator negotiates additional discounts directly with the agencies.
RentalCars does not add any administrative, credit card or modification fees to your reservation afterwards. All this is included in the price displayed.
You can rent your car and collect it both at Mohammed V airport in Casablanca, Marrakech airport, but also in the city center with agency offices, which is practical, because agencies not all local ones are located at airports.
Finally, by booking online, you are sure of the availability of the vehicle on arrival, the type of vehicle you will take and have the contact details of your contact on site in advance.
My personal advice: When you arrive at the airport in Casablanca, Marrakech or elsewhere in the kingdom, it is possible that you will be approached by touts from rental agencies not present at the airport. Beware of these people and head straight to your rental office.

Additional insurance:

Think carefully about the importance of taking out insurance with your car rental, because if you have a VISA PREMIER card or a GOLD MASTERCARD then you already have insurance as part of car rental abroad. I know that the GOLD MASTERCARD covers damage and theft of the vehicle, offers civil liability abroad valid in Morocco, medical assistance and repatriation …

In all cases, contact your bank card service to update them on the need or not to take out insurance with the car rental. RentalCars insurance is 12 € 27 per day and in addition to covering all your costs related to damage, it also covers the costs of taxis, towing, administration, but above all, and it is in my opinion the most important, it fully covers your security deposit, you are then able to recover everything, which is not negligible when you know that certain security deposits are quite large.

My personal advice: For the insurance to work, remember to pay your rental with your bank card, but also to keep absolutely all the supporting documents or even to require them after each payment.