7 Tips to follow to rent a car in Morocco!

Today, renting a car anywhere in the world is almost a necessity. For this, it is good to know certain details that must be taken into account when renting a car.

Tips for renting a car

1. Take your time

Before renting a car, you should find out about the options offered by several companies and compare them with the needs you have. Contact the Morocco car rental agency of your choice when you have set your budget and verify that everything is correct.

2. Essence

Rental companies have different fuel policies, that is, the levels with which you receive and return the gas tank when you finish the rental. Keep this in mind when comparing the different offers.

3. Documents

Make sure your driver’s license and identity documents are in effect (they haven’t expired) and learn more about the need to pay by debit card or other business requirements (such as your age).

4. Extra

Car rental companies usually offer you additional extras such as GPS or a larger vehicle than what you are asking for. Sometimes you can win, especially if it’s the low season. But be clear at all times what you should not exceed your budget.

5. Insurance

full risk insurance. Because you never know what can happen, and less when you are driving in an environment that is not yours, it is advisable to take out risk car insurance.

Warning !

Be careful because if a loss occurs and the name of the driver of the car is not mentioned in the contract, the insurance will be canceled. Most rental companies offer the option of adding an additional driver for a little more.

In all cases, before taking out the insurance, determine what the coverages are and whether or not it is a deductible insurance (if it is franchised, the insurance will surely be cheaper but you will have to assume a part costs in the event of loss or theft).

6. Read the contract carefully

Before signing the car rental agreement, read the agreement and ask without fear any points that you do not understand.

7. Check

Before starting the car, make sure you have left it as specified in the contract. If you notice unexpected bumps or scrapes, immediately notify the rental company.

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