What are the main car rental conditions in Morocco?

The main car rental conditions

As a rental agency customer (location voiture Casablanca) and driver of the car named in the contract, you generally need to:

  • Be over 21 years of age: however, not all rental companies apply the same age conditions. Check with your agency because some rental companies require that the customer be at least 25 years old.
  • Have a driving license valid for more than a year and corresponding to the vehicle you wish to rent:
    Loss reports, theft reports, “blank” permits and permits with limited validity are not accepted.
  • An international permit must be accompanied by the national permit to be accepted.
  • Present documents proving your identity and your domicile (identity card, proof of income sometimes). These supporting documents must be original and must be less than two months old
  • Have a means of payment in your name. As a general rule, the person who takes a rental must be the one who pays.

Documents to provide to fulfill the car rental conditions

In general, the rental company will ask you to present:

  • An identity card ;
  • a driving license ;
  • proof of address ;
  • the confirmation document: a confirmation email in the event of a reservation on the Internet or by telephone;
  • the bank card or other payment method denominated in the identity of the driver, in order to simplify administrative procedures.

In addition, on a financial level you will have to do:

  • a security deposit: intended to cover damage that may occur during the rental and any additional invoicing;
  • a rental advance: to guarantee the rental payment.
    Upon return of the vehicle, the final amount of your rental will be established. This will take into account:

Upon return of the vehicle, the final amount of your rental will be established. This will take into account:

  • different elements contained in the contract;
  • possible overruns:
  • possible extension of the rental;
  • miscellaneous supplements: accessories and other services;
  • service charge for fuel if you do not refuel yourself, etc.

Specific conditions of a car rental

The additional driver

It is quite possible to have several drivers for the same vehicle, but certain conditions must be met:

  • You must specify this when picking up the vehicle.
  • The additional driver must be there at the time and present the original of his driver’s license and an identity document.
  • The supplement must be paid on site.
  • The additional driver therefore corresponds to the “additional driver” option which it is preferable to take out, because in the event of a problem you would not be covered by insurance.

Refusal cases

More and more rental car companies are checking the driver’s background before accepting a potential customer, as soon as you get to the counter!

Some reject customers who do not meet standards, or charge a surcharge.
Even if you have a confirmed reservation, you may be refused this car rental.

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